Canna ('Ka-na):

Cannabis Sativa. A family of plants that includes hemp. Cannabis can be smoked or eaten. Use of cannabis produces a mild sense of euphoria as well promotes as body relaxation and mental focus. There are many medicinal uses for cannabis, including, reducing nausea, chronic pain, and seizures.  It has also been used as a treatment for diseases like glaucoma, disease-related loss of appetite and wasting, as is often seen in cancer, AIDS, and other illnesses.  

Kula (Koo-lah):

Sanskrit for "community" or "tribe".  A one-hearted community of people with shared values and a shared sense of valuing and connecting with each other; holding space for each other.

The concept of Kula can be used to describe the idea that when people meditate or practice yoga with others, they feel connected to and inspired by them.  They are then perhaps more able to go out into the wider community and inspire and support others as well.

What is CannaKula?  

Cannakula fuses cannabis and other plant medicine with the healing arts and sciences to create unique health and wellness experiences in the form of events, classes, and educational opportunities. Yoga, meditation, sound healing and music are some of the modalities that are incorporated into our events and classes. We also offer a sacred space to connect with the leading health and wellness practitioners in the valley.

 Cannakula offers healing and learning opportunities for every BODY. Yoga and meditation can be adapted to benefit everyone from the young, fit, and able-bodied to elders with arthritis, from athletes with temporary injuries to paraplegics in wheelchairs and people who are permanently bedridden.  

Love. Serve. Give. 

The path to self-realization is through the practice of serving others.  The concept of Seva, Sanskrit for "selfless service in gratitude", is one of the founding principles of Cannakula. We are devoted to serving our surrounding community of medical cannabis patients and non-patients alike, veterans and those suffering from PTSD, or those in recovery, and the beyond.