"While I have only known Jen for a little over a year, I quickly realized what an extraordinary individual she is. Her great love and respect for yoga and movement in general is displayed by her actions and words. Because of her dance background and great knowledge of eastern philosophy, her presence alone is calming and peaceful.

Jen is extremely aware of the mind- body connection. Her senses are highly attuned and I can tell from participating in her class and discussing yoga with her that she understands and feels the deep healing benefits of yoga beyond the physical realm. She has a natural intuition regarding what a body needs to help pactioners unleash habitual patterns on all levels that no longer make sense or serve a students highest good. She is there to serve her student where ever they are that day. I have had the privilege of practicing yoga across the globe and it is with a deep conviction that I unconditionally recommend Jen's teaching. She will take you on an unforgettable yoga journey like none other."


"I had such a beautiful experience with Jennifer Miles teaching a yoga class. She is such a beautiful soul and it shows through her outstanding leadership guiding classes. I felt she gave important information on breathing techniques, as well as deep stretching. I felt extremely relaxed and calm throughout the whole experience. I look forward to future classes with her amazing instruction. She really is so very gifted."


"I have been doing restorative yoga with Jen. We have been working on helping my digestion issues from my Crohn's disease as well as relaxation and stress management. Jen is calm, caring, patient, understanding and nurturing.  She takes time to check in on how I am feeling both physically and emotionally before, during and after each session. She takes her time to make sure each pose is comfortable along with explaining and educating about how each pose helps heal the body physically and emotionally. 

After 6 sessions with Jen, I have noticed that I am feeling lighter physically and emotionally. I am seeing improvement in my digestion; I am able to go longer periods of time between eating and needing a toilet...and with my Crohn's that is a huge improvement!! 

I am beyond grateful to have Jen as part of my green/ natural healing journey and I am looking forward to our continued work together!"